In the early years, it is extremely important that there is no break in chain routine. We design our camps to expose children to a variety of activities which enhances their social skills, creativity, imagination, sports skills and problem-solving skills. The camps are properly structured with a great blend of play, fun and explore. The camps are broken into seasonal holidays, and you can pick and choose our programs depending on your requirement. If both of you are inactive professional careers, the camps allow you to continue with the same, without worrying about their interaction and creative development.

During these camps, children engage in new actions, get to play, make new friends and develop new skills. The camps ensure that the children are well relaxed at one end and in-tune to start the new term of the academic year post the end of the camps.

Camp dates

  • Winter camp
  • Mid-term break special camp
  • Spring camp
  • Summer camp

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