Play Group

Not only will your child benefit from the classic Nursery classroom setup, he or she will be encouraged to learn through child-directed play and exploration. This lets them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally in a safe place

Your child’s imagination is a beautiful gift that opens new worlds and is crucial to brain development. We designed Tiny Town enrichment play centre to encourage young minds to grow through child-directed play and exploration as they exercise the power of their imagination.

Our Playgroup is a group of families who can join together with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers (aged 0-6 years) for interaction and fun.

TINY TOWN, Parents and caregivers work together to provide their babies and young children with opportunities to learn through play.

Playgroup is a unique way of providing an opportunity for the young and young at heart to join together for a session of important social interaction.  The Playgroup is a vital opportunity for parents, children and residents to engage in childhood activities together, create opportunities for children to further develop their skills, parents to create a local peer support network and provide isolated residents with vital community interaction

Have fun, learn how to share through play, discover how to get along with other children, learn and develop new skills, listen to music and stories, improve their abilities to solve problems, explore through play with water and sand, explore through painting and trying different kinds of art and craft, and have fun playing outdoors and going on outings and excursions.

children receive the benefits of both activity centre and play-based exploration in TINY TOWN’s creative environment.

Only limited students get access to this playgroup. If you do not get into this session’s classes, you can be added to our waitlist for future openings or enrichment programs.

 *Registrations: Membership must be needed to take participate this session.

The Play group sessions available at,

  • MORNING session (8.00 am-11.00 am)

  • NOON session (11.00 am-2.00 pm)

  • EVENING session (5.00 pm-8.00 pm)

       MONTHLY 900 AED/=


    • TINY TOWN offers a safe and secure transport service to your area with where pick-up/drop off point is safe.

    • services available on request.

    • The bus is fully equipped with all the necessities as required by the RTA with child safe booster seats.

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